Where Are They Now?

Rick Bacus
Rick is always busy somewhere in the Kansas City music scene. You can always keep up to date about Rick by visiting his site rickbacus.com .

Greg Leech

Greg is recently retired from the Missouri Department of Natural Resources and is at the moment, between gigs. He's always thought about getting back into music, but basically has been too busy . . . until now. Stay tuned. I'd have to say that Greg was the babe magnet of the band. Most every woman I know that saw the band live commented on his long, "beautiful" hair, which is why I grew mine long in those days. It did pay off for me, thanks, Greg!

Jerry Chambers

Jerry is still teaching and writing music. He and his wife also own and breed straight Egyptian Arabian horses in Kansas City and in Atlanta. Jerry and Cara's web site.

Mike Edmunds

The main lead singer of the band (Rick sang some lead too) is the district sales manager (Kentucky & Tennessee) for Fender and now resides in the Cincinnati area. After Morningstar, Mike kicked around with a few bands in Kansas City before moving to Colorado and hooking up with a unique three-piece band called The Play. There he found his wife-to-be, Diane. They have been married since 1986 and have two boys.

Greg Harris

The drummer (and most constant member) of the band was last known to be operating his own antique store in Kansas City.

Michael Waggoner

The founder and eventual manager of Morningstar is now the Station Manager for radio stations 92.1 FNX and 1220 ESPN AM in New England. After Morningstar disbanded, Michael went to work for KY-102 in the fall of 1980 as the Promotion Director and released a 'Homegrown' album for the station featuring a lot of great Kansas City bands. He briefly worked for KKCI 106.5 and then the Uptown Theatre before moving to Portland, Maine in the fall of 1985. He still enjoys writing and recording music.

A Word From Oscar

Okay, okay, there's been some discussion about a comment I made on this page. I didn't mean Greg Leech was the only babe magnet in the band. I even remember a conversation between two young ladies debating which of the Greg's was the cutest. Truth be known, anyone who even caught a glimpse of the behind-the-scenes activities knows each member of Morningstar had to deal with female fans. Although not on the level of The Who or The Stones, the lads in Morningstar were rock stars in their own right. Go rent and watch the movie "Almost Famous" and you'll get a good idea of what I'm talking about. And besides, my sister says Greg Leech was the best looking and being a guy (me, not my sister) I'll trust her judgement and let my statement stand.

Jerry Chambers, Greg Leech and Rick Bacus (2011)

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