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Too Much To Lose     (Rick Bacus)
from the album Morningstar (1978)

If I were looking for someone, for you my search would start
You satisfy the things I crave, without locking up my heart
I'm free to live and I'm free to love, the things that I do best
For music is my life you see, for me this is my quest

You got too much to lose
I hate to be the one to give you the blues
It's time for me to move on
You'll realize it after I'm gone

You're everything that I believe in, you know that you're a one of a kind
You give me love like I've never seen it, I'm proud to say that you were mine
Dreams come along and dreams they go, but don't ever lose that smile on your face
I know you'll miss me but we both know, we'll meet again in some other place


Lead Vocals - Michael Edmunds

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