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Hard Bargain Driver     (Jerry Chambers - Rick Bacus)
from the album Venus (1979)

I can see by the way she's smiling at me
Oh she's a hard bargain driver
She makes it look so easy, but looks can deceive
Yeah she's a hard bargain driver
She can say easy come, easy go
But she don't believe that it's true
So be careful boy don't you know
She ain't no bargain for you

Better leave her alone
Hard bargain driver, heart like a stone
She's got nothin' but pain
Hard bargain driver - gonna drive you insane!

She's got a chip on her shoulder, a knife at your back
Oh she's a hard bargain driver
Yeah they don't come no colder my man that's a fact
She's a hard bargain driver
You'd best back out, sack out, drop her
She's gonna do it to you
So be careful boys don't you know
She's gonna tighten the screw


Lead Vocals - Michael Edmunds
Handclaps - Pegram Clap Ensemble
Dancing - Paul "Stayin' Alive" Peterson

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