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Premeditated Rendezvous     (Rick Bacus)
from the album Morningstar (1978)

It's hard to see you as you were before
You've grown up, I hardly know you
But unannounced you walked right through my door
Premeditated Rendezvous

Perhaps you had a change of heart my friend
You said I'd go down with the ship
You said I'd tear myself apart again
Success was never in the script

May I remind you that I'm living now
The life I dreamed we'd have together
I never thought of losing you somehow
You never thought I'd find my treasure

Livin' alone ain't easy,
    livin' with you is worse
I never found no one to please me,
    feel like I'm living a curse

Well here it is, I give it all to you
Do with it what you please, it's yours
You know there's so much you could misconstrue
You see you've been so insecure

Lead Vocals - Michael Edmunds

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