OJ's 10 Level Wad

10 levels for Doom 2 using GZDoom.

No theme here, no mod here, no new monsters, weapons, sounds or graphics, just good ol' Doom II.
Every once in a while I'd create a Doom 2 level for something to do.
This is a collection of 10 of those levels.
Even though this was designed to be played using GZDoom, the jump key isn't necessary.
Although I don't think it'll mess with the game play if you use it.

ojs10level.wad ojs10level.wad ojs10level.wad
ojs10level.wad ojs10level.wad ojs10level.wad

Yes you can play Doom II on your PC again and without getting a headache from the old graphics.

Besides Doom II, you'll need GZDoom. You'll need to un-zip ojs10level.zip into your Doom II folder.

There's a few ways to run ojs10level.wad. You can copy and paste
gzdoom.exe -file ojs10level.wad lights.pk3 brightmaps.pk3 into a batch file (.bat) and run it from your Doom2 folder.
(lights.pk3 and brightmaps.pk3 are included with GZDoom)
You can also just select ojs10level.wad, lights.pk3 and brightmaps.pk3 at the same time (using the Ctrl key) and drag to gzdoom.exe and click "Open with".
You don't have to load the pk3 files separately. Just add
under the [Global.AutoLoad] section of your zdoom .ini file.

GZDoom and the pk3 files also works great with the original Heretic and Hexen.

If you're using a wide screen monitor and want the aspect ratio to be close to the original Doom,
you'll have to play with the video mode to see what works best with your equipment.
I have my Video Mode Aspect Ratio set at 4:3 (after setting it to 1600X900) with a Force Aspect Ratio of 16:9.
If you're not getting a true full screen, find vid_defheight= and vid_defwidth= in your zdoom .ini and just change the numbers to the actual screen resolution of your Windows display settings.

When using GZDoom make sure to lower Gamma Correction under Display Options. (Mine is set at 1.50, Brightness at 0.0)

Also, under Options - Display Options - OpenGL Options - Texture Options - High Quality Resize Mode, I set mine to HQ4X, made quite a difference.

Windows 10 Update - A Windows update caused Doom to flash so bad, it was unplayable. If this happens, just right click on gzdoom.exe, go to Properties then the Compatibility tab. Change the Compatibility mode to an earlier version of Windows. Changing to Windows 98 mode worked for me.

doom95 gzdoom
Screenshot of Doom II using Doom95
(Map14: The Inmost Dens)
Same scene using GZDoom

mergence.wad mergence.wad
Here's another single player level I made for Doom 2 using GZDoom.
(Again, the jump key isn't necessary)

Send comments or questions to ojvogel@gmail.com . (Be nice!)

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