Produced by Marty Lewis & Morningstar for Good Karma Recordings
Engineered & remixed by Marty Lewis
Assistant engineers: Brent King and Jimmy Stroud
Recorded at Quadrafonic Studios & Sound Stage Studios
Mixed at Quadrafonic Studios
Mastered at Masterfonics Inc.
Illustration: Charles White III
Photography: Fred Valentine
Concept & Design: Tom Steele
Arrangements by Morningstar & Marty Lewis
Michael J. Waggoner - Management
Morningstar (1978)
Shotgun Romance   (R. Bacus - J. Chambers)  (lyrics)
Premeditated Rendezvous low-fi clip  (R. Bacus)  (lyrics) 
Sunshine (Changin' Of The Season) low-fi clip  (J. Chambers)  (lyrics) 
Through The Night low-fi clip  (R. Bacus)  (lyrics) 
Sweet Georgia Peach   (J. Chambers)  (lyrics)
Sad Lady   (M. Edmunds)  (lyrics)
Another Rock And Roll Show   (R. Bacus)  (lyrics)
Turn Out All The Lights   (M. Edmunds)  (lyrics)
Too Much To Lose   (R. Bacus)  (lyrics)

  = lo-fi sound clip available      
Oscar's take . . .
Wow, this album means so much to me. The first time I heard the album was in 1978 at a nightclub called One Block West. I had seen Morningstar before this, when they opened for Styx at Memorial Hall in Kansas City the year before. There are few albums that I distinctly remember hearing for the first time. Both Morningstar albums are on that list. This was back in the day when my friends & I would cruise around town listening to our 8-tracks at full blast. We all knew every word to every song on this album. I even bought the 45 of "Sunshine" just to have it put in the jukebox of our local haunt. There is a certain dark tone to the music here, best represented in the tracks "Premeditated Rendezvous" and "Turn Out All the Lights".
Now available on CD
and digital download

Produced by Marty Lewis & Morningstar for Good Karma Recordings
Engineered & remixed by Marty Lewis
Assistant engineering by David Farrell
Recorded at Studio in the Country in Bogalusa, Louisiana
Mixed at Sunset Sound in Los Angeles
Mastered at Warner Brothers in Los Angeles
Cover illustration: Richard Corben
Back cover photography: Jim Goss
Inner sleeve photography: Ben Crain & Jim Goss
Concept & Design: Greg Leech
Arrangements by Morningstar & Marty Lewis
Venus (1979)

Angel   (M. Edmunds)  (lyrics)
Everybody I Love You low-fi clip   S. Stills - N. Young)  (lyrics) 
Lady Love   (M. Edmunds)  (lyrics)
Rock & Roll Rodeo low-fi clip   (J. Chambers)  (lyrics) 
Never Meant To Be   (R. Bacus)  (lyrics)
Rosie   (M. Edmunds - R. Bacus)  (lyrics)
Gimme Some Lovin' low-fi clip  (S. Davis - S. Winwood - M. Winwood)  (lyrics) 
Hard Bargain Driver   (R. Bacus - J. Chambers)  (lyrics)
Let Me Dream   (R. Bacus)  (lyrics)

  = lo-fi sound clip available      
Oscar's take . . .
The second album from Morningstar was an improvement over the debut. The sound here is much cleaner. The boys seem more comfortable in their studio surroundings as the playing sounds more assured and Mike Edmunds sounds like a seasoned professional. The ominous tone of the first album is diminished here, with the exception of the brilliant "Never Meant To Be". "Rock & Roll Rodeo" and their cover of "Everybody I Love You" are the only two songs that I remember getting any airplay in Kansas City even though "Hard Bargain Driver" is probably the album's strongest track. Fans who saw the band live knew their version of "Gimme Some Lovin' " was one of the high points of the show. It was nice to have a recording of this, although it doesn't capture the feel of the live act. This album was another gem from a band whose recording career lasted much too briefly.
Now available on CD
and digital download

Dan Faggard - Road Manager
Jim Sanderson - Sound & Crew Manager
Jim Bauman - Lighting
Jim Keener - Stage
Live (1979 - unreleased)

(Venus promo) Play 
Through The Night Play 
Hard Bargain Driver Play 
Sweet Georgia Peach Play 
Everybody I Love You Play 
Angel / Sunshine Play 
Never Meant To Be Play 
Shotgun Romance Play 
Rock & Roll Rodeo Play 

Enjoy the sounds of Morningstar recorded live in Houston.

Other Morningstar Recordings

Morningstar - Rock and Roll Rodeo (unplugged) Play 

Morningstar - Remember When (demo) Play 
(Demo recorded in Greg H's living room on the Teac 4-track)

Morningstar - Bleeding in Front of a Shark (live) Play 
(Probably late '75 / early '76)

Morningstar - Bought You Books (live) Play 
(Probably late '75 / early '76)

Morningstar - Gentlemen of Fortune Play 
(Recorded in Nashville for the first album)

Morningstar - Tinker Taylor Play 
(Live jam, circa 1975. Four piece with Jerry on lead vocals.)

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